Owner’s Representation

An owner representative is an industry expert hired by the Owner of a building or facility project to act as the Owner’s advocate and represent their best interests. This can be particularly helpful for projects where the Owner has limited knowledge of design and construction, or lacks the time and resources in-house to effectively fill this role.
An owner’s representative operates as part of the project team, but they work under a separate contract held with the owner. Their role is to act on behalf of the owner to oversee the entire project. This can include the planning, design, construction and commissioning, as well as the closeout phases.

Why Gage?

Feeling overwhelmed with your construction project, and need an expert to come alongside you? At Gage Construction Consulting, we offer expert custom consulting, helping you to make informed decisions, stick to your budget and save you time.

Our Services

Full Time Consultant

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We will start from the ground up, helping you through the budgeting process, including fundraising (if needed), selection of architect and engineer team, selection of contractor, negotiation of all contracts including selecting the correct contract that saves you the most dollars, monitoring construction, holding the contractor to the scope of work and making sure the project stays on schedule to save you time and money.

Special inspections review and coordination

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Each construction project is unique, and we know there are special inspections and permits that will be required depending on the local restrictions and requirements. With our vast experience of handling permits and special inspections, our team can walk you through any reviews that come up with your project.

selection of ae design team and contractors

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Sometimes the hardest part of the construction process is knowing who to hire for the design. That’s where our team comes in! We have a vast network of trusted architects and engineers to help you get started. Our team will help you narrow down your list of potential contractors as well and facilitate with the bidding process if needed.

Document review and management

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With construction, there is always paperwork and emails to be handled. Our experienced team can help manage any documentation that comes along, saving you time and headaches of dealing with it on your own.

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Who we Serve


From our clients

“The work was completed in an efficient and timely manner, and the project was completed on scheduled and within budget. The project was very successful due to the open communication and teamwork by all parties involved. It was also completed in a sensitive manner so as to cause as little disruption to our staff and the patients in our care.”


CEO. Lighthouse care center of augusta

“Cara Wilson was always very professional, knowledgeable, and always accessible with any questions that we had. She always answers her phone. Throughout the project there were a few changes that we needed
that Cara always was able to work into the job. She always seems to have the number of someone who was able to do what we needed.”

Jerry Baine

Catholic Social Services

“…because of her keen grasp of what we were trying to accomplish, Cara Wilson was incredibly valuable in helping us anticipate and address decisions along the way that truly served our mission. ….She made sure
to understand everyone’s aspirations for the project and did her level best to see them fulfilled.”

Dr. Ned R. Murray

Head of School, Episcopal Day School

“Cara’s management of our project was stellar. The project was completed on time and on budget and the quality of the work was excellent. Cara had a thorough grasp of the budget, the progress, and provided an integrated timeline that coordinated and tracked every sub-contractor, supplies as well as the budget. Cara worked well with the churches project manager to resolve any problems that occurred as well as any unexpected issues that arose during construction. I would recommend Cara without any reservation.”

Rev. Douglas Slaughter

Senior Pastor, Second Baptist Church of Aiken

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