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Cost Segregation

What is a cost-segregation study?

You might already be asking the obvious questions. Cost segregation studies: what are they? And how will it help my company? The quick response? It might hasten deterioration. The straightforward goal of accelerating depreciation is to improve your cash flow and lower your tax burden.

Our cost engineering analyses of your property, along with a targeted tax study, form the foundation of our cost segregation studies, which will enable you to accelerate depreciation from the typical 39-year plan. This program effectively allows you to write off every piece of property that the study determines to be a 5-, 7-, or 15-year property.

You need a detailed engineering analysis that complies with all IRS regulations and is built on practical cost estimating knowledge and skills in order to achieve this. Utilizing our skilled team, who is well-versed in construction techniques, pricing, and materials, could mean the difference between receiving some benefits and receiving all benefits. The additional benefit will more than cover the project’s costs.