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Owners Representative

What is an owners representative?

We represent the Owner’s interests as your Owner’s Representative. Our aim is to guarantee that the development of your construction project proceeds as planned, on schedule, and within the project budget that has been agreed. We’ll make sure every member of the project team is aware of and committed to reaching your objectives and aims. Together, we will find project problems and give you the information you need to make rapid, educated decisions.

Throughout all project phases—from conception, planning, and design to construction, completion, and close-out—we, as your Owner’s Representative, will diligently represent your interests while assisting you. To effectively deliver your project, we essentially provide the road plan from project start to project conclusion.

We begin by developing a comprehension of the aims and purposes of your project. We then coordinate with each member of your team to ensure that everyone is aware of your goals, actively pursuing them, and committed to the successful completion of your project. As your champion, we’ll make sure your project moves along quickly, all team members are involved at the appropriate moment, the agreed-upon milestones are completed, and your investment is made up to its full potential.

We can serve as your Program Manager when we offer Owner’s Representation services for your subsequent or concurrent projects, which can be carried out using a range of project delivery techniques and tailored to match the unique requirements of each project.

Learn how an OR can help during each phase of a project: