Our Mission

We exist to help business owners navigate their construction process with ease, allowing owners to focus on their business at hand while their new buildings and spaces come to fruition.

Meet Cara

Cara Wilson is the owner of Gage Construction Consulting with over 24 years of experience in the commercial construction industry. She graduated from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Building Construction & Contracting. Over her 24+ years in the industry, she has had the opportunity of working in all 3 aspects of this business: the general contractor, the subcontractor, and the owner. This allows her the diversity and viewpoint from each aspect in the construction world. It also gives her a wealth of knowledge from every angle to help her clients make the right selections and navigate their projects successfully.

Cara is committed to helping her clients complete a project from start to finish or can transition into the project at any phase as needed. Her experience in budget review, A/E selection, contractor selection, contract negotiation & execution, permitting, scheduling, and construction administration allows her to ease development and construction burdens as well as save time and money for every client.

Why Gage?



unmatched support

industry knowledge

Eye for Detail

Building Relationships

Strategic Approach

Our Values

Perseverance – We believe a project is not fully complete until every last-minute detail has been checked off the list.

Integrity – We believe each project can only be completed well with trust, transparency and honesty.

Building and Keeping Relationships – We believe in fostering relationships to enhance communication and understanding, and to ultimately help the process go as smoothly as possible.

Sense of Urgency – We believe there should be a sense of urgency for everything, which is why we return calls and emails promptly, and help our clients get answers as fast as we possibly can. Time is Money!