Our Services As An Owner’s Representative

Full Time Consultant

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We will start from the ground up, helping you through the budgeting process, including fundraising (if needed), selection of architect and engineer team, selection of contractor, negotiation of all contracts including selecting the correct contract that saves you the most dollars, monitoring construction, holding the contractor to the scope of work and making sure the project stays on schedule to save you time and money.

Special inspections review and coordination

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Each construction project is unique, and we know there are special inspections and permits that will be required depending on the local restrictions and requirements. With our vast experience of handling permits and special inspections, our team can walk you through any reviews that come up with your project.

selection of ae design team and contractors

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Sometimes the hardest part of the construction process is knowing who to hire for the design. That’s where our team comes in! We have a vast network of trusted architects and engineers to help you get started. Our team will help you narrow down your list of potential contractors as well and facilitate with the bidding process if needed.

Document review and management

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With construction, there is always paperwork and emails to be handled. Our experienced team can help manage any documentation that comes along, saving you time and headaches of dealing with it on your own.

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Our Process


One of our team members will meet with you to hear your vision, and see if we might be a good fit to come alongside you.


The next step is for our team to do a full assessment of the project. Whether we are starting at the very beginning, or jumping in mid-project, we like to have a full picture of what the goals are, and what the expectations and need will be.


Budgeting can create so much stress for anyone. Our team will help create and monitor your budget during each phase of the project.

construction oversight

During construction, we will manage any daily tasks that may be required of
the owner, coordinating with the contractors to ensure deadlines are being met, and budgets are adhered to.

Project Completion

We want to make sure that your vision has been fully achieved before we close out a project. We will make sure all the final details have been completed, and you are satisfied.

Post-project analysis

After each project, there’s always something to learn. Our team will do a full post-project analysis to get you final budgeting numbers and close out any remaining tasks.

Please reach out to us for more information or if you have any further
questions about your upcoming project!